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Welcome, I am a trauma informed Clinical Social Worker who provides psychotherapy and workshop services for individuals experiencing post-traumatic stressstress, anxiety, depression, caregiver burnout and struggling with grief, loss, adjustment and anger following accidents. ​Finding the right person to guide you through the journey of growth, healing, and recovery is an important decision. I hope to be able to provide you with some information that may assist you in making the right decision for your unique self. Please take some time to browse my site and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to connect with me.


When we work together, you’ll find my focus isn’t on getting you to a predetermined milestone/goal or state of recovery, but learning about you, hearing you, and seeing you, so that together we can identify ways to create meaningful change … change that leads to hope and contentment. ​Believing in the capacity for change and for people to find hope, joy, and meaning in their lives, I have witnessed people’s inherent ability to heal and grow their capacity to interact with the world in ways that are meaningful to them.


I am comfortable speaking about matters of the heart whether that is your relationships, your passions, and your spirituality/faith. I encourage you to draw upon this knowing as you utilize skills, strategies, and access resources. ​​I am a skills based therapist who assists individuals in gaining capacity and mastery. My purpose in working with clients is to ensure that they leave each session with a take away – a skill that they can use between sessions. It is hoped, that in time, the cumulative affect of being heard and seen, along with the mastery of skills can lead to greater participation in the life they want. 

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